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When I was a law student at the Stockholms University in the late 70s, I had two teachers who were better than everyone else, and one of them was Madeleine Leijonhufvud, Professor of Criminal Justice. She managed the feat of being theorists, and yet so much practitioner.

Madeleine Leijonhufvud continues to be the practitioner with a fool’s insistence critical review and in recent years pointed to Justice absurd consequences when sections has its own life and where aldermen as such Olof Johnsson can hide behind formulations ….. we just did our job . We take no responsibility for the consequences of our decisions, we judge only ….. But, right here at the intersection of law and reality becomes judgment a measure of how far Sweden has come in equality.

Madeleine Leijonhufvud require legislative change and believes that it should be a criminal offense to have sex without being sure that the other wants. The evidence in proceedings moved from victim to perpetrator. A spot on gender issue seems to me many but obviously not our politicians ……….

Former Prosecutor Sven-Erik Alhem mean that the law reflects an archaic vision and the fact that every human being in any position has the right to say no.

That a young woman of 16 years does not want a bottle propped in the genital stands for all the normal people as a matter of course except for the district court in Umeå which in its judgment writes that the woman appears to be reliable when she describes that she emphasized that she did not want the wine bottle in her abdomen. But according to the law it need not have been perceived as a lack of consent but possibly as ”an expression of shame or initial hesitation.”

genderequalityminister Maria Arnholm travels around the world and talk about the Swedish gender equality but does she talk about this? no, it’s mostly about fatherhood and the parental leave.

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Ps. Who was the other one? Well, Sven-Olof Lodin, economy.

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